About HeyOctopus

Learning curricula in universities, schools or online are often designed by a single person or a small group of people. For highly dynamic fields like AI, such curricula are outdated, incomplete and biased. For most recent topics, there are no curricula at all. Instead, learners have to rely on a multitude of different sources and enter new fields by combining courses, books, articles, videos and podcasts. While they are doing so, they find "synergy contents" that complement each other very well, irrelevant contents that are not worth the time, and conflicting contents that confuse them. In hindsight, learners can often filter the "synergy contents" from the rest and create a learning path that is much more efficient than the one they took.

With the goal of making knowledge more accessible to all and improving existing learning paths over time, there is thus a need for a "meta layer" on the internet that allows learners to share "synergy contents" and combine them in new ways. Currently, this is mostly done by sharing links on social media, which seems very inefficient considering the temporal nature of social media.

HeyOctopus is a contribution towards this "meta layer". All users can document their own learning activities, combine helpful learning contents and share them with the community. By doing so, they contribute to a growing network of learning contents that provides an efficient datastructure to find and optimize the best sequence of learning contents (i.e. learning path) for any given topic. HeyOctopus uses a mix of human curators and large language models to moderate contributions on the platform and ensure their quality.

In addition, HeyOctopus helps its users to keep track of their learning progress and provides them with tools to better interact with learning contents. For example, users can ask our Octopus questions about a learning content and get instant answers with which they can test their understanding. By duplicating and modifying learning paths from other users, they can help to improve existing learning paths and make them more accessible for future learners similar to them.

The Vision

For each person and for each online content of interest, HeyOctopus should provide the person with 1) the minimum amount of online contents necessary to understand the content of interest, 2) online contents that can be understood after understanding the content of interest, sorted by relevance to the person's goals.

Contact Us

If you have any ideas, suggestions, feedback, hate, love or anything else to share, please contact us at [email protected]